• R. Frank Miller, CPA

Internal Revenue Service

Home of the IRS on the web. The IRS has definitely done a nice job on their website.

Check Federal Income Tax Refund Status

Track you federal income tax return refund status through the IRS website.

California Franchise Tax Board

The California Franchise Tax Board is responsible for administering the personal and business income tax programs for California.

Check California State Tax Refund Status

Track your California state income tax return refund status through the California Franchise Tax Board website.

California Board Of Equalization

The California Board Of Equalization has a major role in California's property tax system. The California Board Of Equalization is responsible for assessing property owned or used by railroads and privately- held public utilities, and for ensuring statewide uniformity in the assessment of properties by the 58 county assessors.

California Department Of Tax And Fee Administration (CDTFA)

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) administers California's sales and use, fuel, tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis taxes, as well as a variety of other taxes and fees.

California Employment Development Department

The California Employment Development Department is responsible for providing job placement and referrals, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, employment and training, labor market information, payroll taxes, and more.